5 Ways to Use Grain-Free Granola - even the no sugar added one!

Grain-Free Granola? That's an oxymoron!

Hello Friends!

I've heard it all when I was at the farmer's market. Even when describing it to Gene Simons outside of E! Studios on Wilshire Blvd, he said he had no idea what I was describing and I should just give up on the idea. But no matter the confusion of the description one thing was for certain, it was like crack and customers were hooked! 

Tasted like a granola, but better for you? Yes, lower in carbs, lower in sugar, crispy and crunchier than your traditional granola options, people quickly feel in love with it. But how do I use this? Here are a few ways you can incorporate my granola ( chocolate and even no sugar added ones) in your daily snacks and meals:

1. Breakfast baked goods: Breakfast seems like the best option, the mixed nuts and seeds give you the energy and slow carb support you need in the morning to start your metabolism. Add 1/2 cup of broken bits to muffin and pancake batters.  

2. Topping: Anytime of the day, take a serving and add it to your yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream, and protein or fruit smoothies. If you like crunchy crispy, the cold brings out this texture very well. 

3. Salads: As crazy as it sounds, YES! This is a great addition to any mixed fruit salad, leafy salad, green bean, beet or carrot salads. The granola works great with tangy sweet flavors that you find in fresh berries, vinaigrettes, roasted carrots and beets. 

4. Gratins: Instead of using bread crumbs or cheese as a topping on your roasted vegetable platter, try some crumbled granola and finish with a drizzle of finishing olive oil. Oh la la!  

5. Trail Mix: Easy as it sounds, mixing this granola with other trail favorites like dark chocolate chips, dried fruits, even dehydrated veggies, will give you the energy boost you need in a quick snack. 

I hope you enjoy these ideas and soon to come recipes links.

Thank you and Happy Trails!


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