About Nora's Food Company

Hi, I'm Nora. I make Grain-Free Paleo Snacks with 100% unrefined ingredients your body will Love❣️

Hi. I'm Nora.

With over 15 years of culinary experience, I decided to use my culinary experience and passion for food to feed customers in a way that is truly healthy but still delicious! So the journey began to make unprocessed snacks that have no wheat, no grains, no oats, no dairy, no soy, and no GMO’s,  just 100% unrefined ingredients! My commitment to you is to always be transparent with ingredients and make each item with Love you can taste!

Why Paleo?

After a life long struggle with dieting and being overweight, a friend introduced me to the Paleo diet. After changing my diet and lifestyle, I lost over 80lbs in less than a year and I have kept it off!

Before: 2009            After: 2010

The Paleo diet is based on the types of foods that were eaten by early humans, consisting of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and excluding dairy, grain products and processed food. Research shows that our modern American diet is full of refined and processed foods that may be the cause of many ailments like diabetes, cancer, heart  disease, obesity, depression, and infertility. Choosing to eat a balanced Paleo diet can reduce your chance of getting these diseases and help you live a better quality of life. 

Why Ingredients Are Key

The best ingredients are locally sourced and carefully selected from local farmer’s and suppliers. 

California grown Almond Flour

Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Flour

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar  (Lowest in Glycemic Index)

Organic Free Range Egg Whites

Raw Local Unfiltered Honey

Unsweetened Unsulfured Coconut

Non-GMO Nuts and Seeds

Dairy & Soy Free 70% Cacao Chocolate

    These Paleo snacks provide a healthy source of:






      And are always:

      Low in Carbohydrates

      Low in Sugar

      Low in Sodium

      No Cholesterol

        Where are these snacks made?

        All of the products are made in a Gluten-Free Facility.



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