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Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients does Nora's Food Company use? 
These products are 100% nut based using almonds, coconut, and seeds in most of our products. We use unrefined natural ingredients that are locally sourced, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO.
Are your products considered Paleo?
Yes.  These Paleo snacks are always free from grains, dairy, soy, refined vegetable oils and refined sugar.
Are all your products Gluten-Free?
Yes.  These products are always free from wheat, grains, soy, additives and preservatives. They are produced in a Gluten-Free facility.  

Plastic packaging? Can I recycle it?
Yes, although we are currently using plastic packaging, you can still place them in your recycle bin for processing. 
Do you use any chemicals or preservatives?
No. These products are 100% natural and since preservatives are not used, the products do have a short shelf life. The products should be enjoyed by the sell by date or by the time indicated on the packaging.
Are you organic?
Theses Paleo snacks are not 100% organic, but 70% of the ingredients used are organic and everything is 100% Non GMO.    
Are there any allergen statements I should know about?
These Paleo snacks do contain eggs and tree nuts. 
How should I store my snacks?
For optimal freshness, please refrigerate all products after opening.  They can be stored in refrigeration for up to 45 days and the Grain-Free Granola for up to 90 days.
Are your products vegan?
No,  there is honey and  pasteurized organic free range eggs in the products. Please read the ingredient statement for a full list of ingredients used. 
Where can I buy your products?
If you live in Los Angeles, check out the where to buy section for a currant list of Retail and Farmers' Market locations.
What is your shipping policy?
Nora's Food Company ships orders Tuesday and Thursday every week, using USPS Priority Mail.  We do not mail orders Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  
Orders should arrive 2-3 days after they are shipped.  Please contact the online store if you have a specific shipping or arrival date request.  You will be notified if your shipping date is different than the schedule above. Orders submitted with an incorrect address and delivered will not be reshipped. Please ensure all addresses are deliverable before submitting an order.
NOTE:  Shipping is non-insulated. Nora's Food Company is not responsible for product that may be damaged once it is in the carrier’s hands or melts in transport. 

What is your Return/Refund Policy?
Nora's Food Company is committed to providing you with unique, tasty, and high quality baked snacks.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the organic or non-organic ingredients and their health factors prior to placing your order. Freshly handmade, gluten-free, grain-free, all natural, and non-GMO is a guarantee.  Due to the preparation and nature of our premiere ingredients, no refunds are allowed.  Please contact the online store if you have any questions or concerns involving the quality of our product. 



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